Like Minded People. is an independently run shirt company whose aim is to provide folks out in the world with conscious messages and imagery as an alternative to much of the emptiness being produced today. "You are what you wear" and "Body as Billboard" are all along the lines of belief of Like Minded People. and that is why we strive to come with life inspired conscious ideas. We believe clothing should be about the clothing, how it makes you feel inside and out, not the status one might feel it brings. We let the clothes speak for themselves.

How are your shirts printed?
Our garments are all printed by hand using earth-friendly, water based inks. This process means each shirt is cared for individually from start to finish. Our printing technique leaves the design soft to the touch and with eyes closed one would barely be able to tell the shirt was printed.

What kind of shirts do you use?
We almost exclusively use American Apparel garments for their domestically made, sweatshop free, living-wage production. And while we may not agree with their advertising approaches, what they have done for the garment industry is deserving.

What's the sizing like?
American Apparel's line of clothing is designed and cut to give a slightly more fitted feel than many of the shirts and jackets you might find elsewhere. If you're generally between sizes we recomend you order the larger size. The shirts will shrink on the first wash but after being worn a few times they will start to fit your specific body shape. For more info on sizing check out American Apparel's sizing charts.

How long until my order ships?
We do not generally keep a large quantity of stock on hand. Instead we tend to print-to-order. This means that the shirt you get was probably printed just for you, and it's that unique feeling to our shirts we like the best. In order to make this most feasible for us it generally takes about a week to ten days for your shirt to be printed, packaged and sent.

Can I track my order?
All orders are sent out via US Priority Mail, with a typical delivery time of 3-4 days. USPS offers delivery confirmation services which will be sent to you when your order is mailed. You'll know when your shirt has shipped and when it's been delivered, but you won't know where it is as it makes its trek across the country.

Please, make sure the shipping address you have on file at checkout is your current address!

What about returns?
Because we do not carry a large inventory it can be hard for us to accomodate all returns quickly. You can email us to make arrangemeents for a return. We ask that you cover the postage costs of returning the shirt to us and sending the replacement to you, however we will leave the return services up to your decision.


Like Minded People., like other like minded people, wishes to celebrate life in a way that supports interpersonal connections, something that is all too easily disregarded in these days. From bringing visibility to underrepresented communities to spotlighting inspiring artists of life, LMP. is supporting the niche in which we all dwell. You are thanked for supporting us, all..

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